It's been a long time coming. I finally achieved what I never thought I would ever do in my life.

I was never the athlete nor was I into being so active. Back in the day, my kind of active were binge-watching Gossip Girl and stalking boys at soccer games (I came from an all-girls school so boys were a new territory for me). I was that much of a "weirdo", you could say.

Fast forward to the present and my kind of active now is the gym, running and actually living a more active lifestyle. Running was initially just a workout that I would do when going to the gym wasn't the option.

But I had a friend who entered into the world of the triathlete. It got me interested when he told me about his training routine and the determination it takes to be a triathlete. And in particular, when we talked about running.

That's when the desire to train for a half marathon started. And finally, after a grueling 6-month training, I finally am able to say that "I AM A 21K FINISHER".

Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2016 was the race event I joined for my first 21k.

To top it all of, I finished my first 21K in under 2 hours. My official time has yet to be posted and will keep you updated on what it is when the official race results come out.

People weren't wrong to say about the feeling of fulfillment after finishing a half marathon. Halfway through my run, I got really emotional out of the blue because I WAS ACTUALLY running a 21K. Who in the world thought that a girl like me could actually run a half marathon and finish in under 2 hours???

That moment actually proved to me that anything can happen if you really set your mind and heart to it. All I could think throughout that run was to "finish, finish, finish. You paid for this run, you trained for this run, now you finish this run." And I did- I couldn't feel my legs after but I did it. I can finally say I am a half marathoner!

My #roadto21k has been ticked off but this won't be the end. I'll be joining other half marathons in the coming months and would train me to my #roadto42k. So back to my training plan. I'll try to blog about my #roadto42k while I can if you guys are interested in joining the bandwagon.

And come February 17, 2017, I'll be ready to run my first ever full marathon.

So, I'll see you at the finish line.

What better way to celebrate Halloween season than with a party, candies and superhero/princess-clad kids. 

There's always going to be that "Awwww" moment seeing a kid walk by with his superhero suit ready to save the day or a fairy princess spreading pixie dusts. Well, that happened at the party. 

The team and I had 3 weeks to prepare for the big event; 3 weeks to hustle, hustle, hustle all while juggling our day-to-day workload activities. Pretty stressful, I have to say just because I had to lead this party and make it successful as possible. But with my teammates' efforts and support nonetheless,  all the breakouts, the eyebags, the stress were DEFINITELY worth it. I could cry a river on how proud I am on the outcome of the party: kids had all the candies they could've imagined, games and movies to destress (haha!) and a day for kids to be their own superhero and princess. 

There isn't much photos. I was too preoccupied during the party (I was the photographer...and other multiple jobs, as well) haha! But, please appreciate what you see haha! :)

I hope you guys get to dress up this coming Halloween. I know I will, watch out. Coming soon! 

S/O to my MAP 18 babies: Anna, Camille, Faith, Tricia and Vic! 


Top from Shop Carisse | Pants from Topshop | Sandals from Stradivarius

Most of the people who've known me for years still would not believe that I'm no longer a teenager, let alone a 21-year old working "woman".  Not complaining though, forever young (lol!). I just celebrated my birthday last July and it's the first time celebrating it away from my family and from Cebu. Nothing major happened, just a simple celebratory lunch out with my Manila family (aunt, uncle and cousin) and a hair dye session for a changed look.

I can't thank God enough for these past months leading up to my birthday. He has blessed me with so much that I could receive and I've never been less than appreciative. From graduating college (with honors, hehe) to moving in to Manila, my God and my family have been there every step of the way. Sorry for this sentimental part, but this is moment is the moment I have realized how fortunate God has paved my life to where it's supposed to be. For that, I'm very blessed. 

Emotions aside, I'm still obsessing over the off-shoulder trend. Instantly fell in love with this top that I just recently bought from Shop Carisse. The last of its kind (well at that time when I bought it) and was the perfect fit. So, what better time to wear it than on my birthday. Though it isn't summer anymore, I paired it up with my favorite printed tartan pants and slip-ons for a more relaxed but fun overall vibe. Be bold when you mix and match. I wanted to have fun and celebrate being 21 and my clothes expressed that so be bold and don't be afraid of prints, color and new trends.

And that ends today's post.


Top from LAX Apparel | Shorts from Forever 21

You can never go wrong with off-shoulder tops and pastel colors. I got to snag this one-of-a-kind piece; you don't get to see this print around which makes it all the more special. Perfect for a day turn night out piece. 

Birthday's coming up, still wondering what I'd be doing for the big 21?

It's the middle of May and I forgot to mention that I FINALLY GRADUATED COLLEGE. Yes, no more four walls of green-colored uniforms and overbearing teachers. But hello to the real world. Yes, welcome to unemployment life (however, I'm still waiting on this job I have yet to hear from!). But enough about that. After graduation, there's this season called summer and we all know what first comes to mind with this season, BEACH. 
Here's to the first adventure of the year with the family at one of the most visited places in the Philippines. Revisiting this place of pure nature and history after 7 years with the best people to hang around with.